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Our Process

This is how
our search methodology works

Our selection process is based on a structured, detailes and systematic approach. The process includes the following steps:

1. Understanding of the Organization Need:
To better facilitate, we communicate with the key people to understand and to determine your business needs. We consider various factors including your talent needs, time-to-hire, etc. We work with you to develop a talent acquisition strategy plan so we can provide you with TOP talent.
2. Construct the Position Specification:

Based on discussion ,we create position specification which is shared with serious candidates reviwed by client. The finalised position specification contains all the necessary information related to job.

3. Identify Suitable Candidates

We will begin the search based on the approved position details. We meticulously interview, screen, and test every candidate.

4. Recruiting & Screening

After Sourcing all the shortlisted candidates are screen by our experts with detailed evaluation. We use various parameters to evaluate the suitabke candidate. We then share the shortlisted candidate resume and evalutuion summary to facilitate the interview process by client.

5. Interview:

We will provide you with qualified candidates within 5-7 business days. With our expertise, we have successfully matched candidates meeting client requirements 97.76% of the time! Note: averages 5-7 business days over 87% of the time, but this number can go up or down depending on the talent needs.

6. Offer:

Offer is extended to the shortlisted candidates. If required, we extend the offer and explain it to the selected candidate on behalf of the client. We also provide assistance to prepare a competitive employment offer based on client requirements and market trends.

7. Follow Up:

We conduct thorough follow up with candidate even after they are hired and have started the assignment. We remain in touch with the hired candidate between 60 and 180 days.

We get results

How we can help you?

We understand that we are in the people business. Meaning bridging and connecting people to opportunities. When it comes to identifying potential candidates/jobseekers, we takes a very hands-on approach and do all the legwork for you. Our assigned dedicated account manager for your mandates works closely with our recruiters to make sure that we find the right people as quickly as possible.

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We offer Careers,not just Jobs. We bridge candidates with opportunities.

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