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Business Ethics

Behaving with integrity has been a core value. For our company ethics is also about customer service and empathy.

We understand that we are in the people business. It just not about finding job it about making career with dignity. And we equally understand what it means to companies when we find them the talent they need to succeed and expand. Our emphasis on business ethics is one key reason clients & candidates continue to turn to Disha Consultancy.


Code Of Conduct

Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics explains the way we commit to living by these principles each day. We also following strict compliance our business regardless of changing government regulations or market conditions.

We follow loyalty, honesty and integrity, observance of ethical standards, accountability, adherence to the law approach.

We protect confidential and proprietary information
We have a zero tolerance policy with respect to corruption and bribery
We practice responsible sales and marketing
We observe no poaching policy
We maintain accurate and reliable records
We use social media properly
We observe the highest ethical professional standards
We protect candidate and client information
We comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations
We do not engage in political activity
We encourage the reporting of any illegal or unethical behaviour
We seek to develop and strengthen partnerships based on transparency, collaboration and mutual respect.
We get results

How we can help you?

We understand that we are in the people business. Meaning bridging and connecting people to opportunities. When it comes to identifying potential candidates/jobseekers, we takes a very hands-on approach and do all the legwork for you. Our assigned dedicated account manager for your mandates works closely with our recruiters to make sure that we find the right people as quickly as possible.

  • We provide a revolutionary level of transparency and solutions.
  • Our knowledge and talented force delivers creative solutions to solve even the toughest challenges.
  • Hire talent

We offer Careers,not just Jobs. We bridge candidates with opportunities.

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