Disha Consultancy
What is Disha Consultancy Franchise?

Become a Disha Consultancy Staffing franchise and boost your business

We are one stop HR company providing full range of solutions be it general, professional, and skilled staffing services. We are your partner through your business cycles, project goals, business contingency planning, and staff augmentation.

As a franchise owner, you will be offering short-term and long-term temporary staffing assignments as well as opportunities for permanent hire in the light industrial, clerical, skilled and professional segments of the staffing industry. Along with flexible and scalable labor solutions that help in better managing of labor costs according to business needs of the clients.

We support all industries and verticals of all sizes, including: Startup, E-commerce, Fintech, Digital, Media, Essencial Businesses (Clinical & non-clinical) IT, Industrical, Logistics, Business Professionals, Call Center, ITES and More.

Convert your business to Disha Consultancy Franchise

If you own a staffing agency business, converting to Disha Consultancy franchise could be a good fit for those looking for fast track business growth. You can grow more profitability as a franchisee than as an independent owner as you get:

  • Access to national accounts
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Industry-leading workers’ comp and risk management
  • Immediate cash flow


Keep more of what you make

The Disha Consultancy Franchise model works a little differently from most franchise systems. Instead of basing a royalty on your top-line revenues, we share the gross margin generated from the clients. And as revenue increases your margin share increases. Our model helps you to take on additional business without significantly increasing your overhead.

Franchises are only responsible for indirect labor expenses such as staff, rent and the other general costs of managing an office.


What You DO?

Sales skills, networking, adaptability and customer service are key traits for successful franchisees. Your main role as a franchise owner will be to handle the people side of the business. This includes :

  • Getting/Earning new clients and building business relations
  • Fully administering Customer service to both Clients and Candidates
  • Internal Staff hiring and development
  • Recruiting and screening


What We Do?

As franchise owner youe primary work is focused on people side, We has support on operations. This plays a major factor when you are considering your own staffing agency. We have investment scale in technology,trainig, people and As Disha Consultancy Franchise owner, you get this benefits. One of the biggest advantages of owning a Disha Consultancy franchise is the fact that we fully takecare of payroll and handle collections from your clients. This reduces the financial risk and removes huge administatice burden. Other benefits on owning Disha Consultancy Franchise are :

  • Legal Support
  • Marketing Support
  • Client Management System
  • Systems
  • Risk Management
  • Operations Support
  • Human Resource
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Collections
  • Brand Value

The advantages of franchising

For independent operators,the staffing business can have high barriers like operation etc to enter.We help franchisees overcome them.

  • Complexity: We provides latest technology, industry processes and support that will align nearly every aspect required for operating your business,End to End.
  • Client acquisition: Disha Consultancy, have brand recognition with existing account relationships with a number of high-volume clients in markets. This gives a USP to franchises build their client base easily.
  • Training : We help busiess grow through, our online learning portal for associates. This helps associates develop specialized skill sets and thus helps close the skills gap providing employers with valuable service.
  • Data Access : With our technologically align products franchises can have access to our extensive data designed and build with our decade of experience and expertise. Thus providing franchisees with best practices, market intelligence like competitive pay rates and more.

how to get started

Few Simple Steps
to owning Disha Consultancy Staffing Franchise


This step involves Pre-qualification, Interview and overview.

We understand and document your goals reviwing the details in depth.


The next step involves Franchise Disclosure Document and Validation.

Based on the documented requirements,we prepare and share the legal documents to proceed.


The final step is Franchise grant which is based upon review, validation and meeting.


What are Disha Consultancy Franchising Benefits?

Franchising is the legal right to carry out a business in accordance with a specific operational method and under a specific brand. This includes the right to use trademarks, logos, a business system, operating procedures, IT and marketing techniques.Along with these, Disha Consultancy franchising benefits in other domains such as:

  • Franchising Rights to operate as Disha Consultancy
  • Full Operational support i.e. Backend support with training, payroll processing, international education etc.
  • Systems for functioning
  • Promotional Benefits as franchise owner
  • Training & Development
  • Low investment and minimum risk.
  • Reasonable ROI (return on investment).
  • Infrastructure Guidance

Disha Cosnultancy Eligible Franchise Owner

Who will the Disha Consultancy Franchising appeal to?

  • Existing Recruitment consultants wanting to be there own boss.
  • Exisiting Like-minded entrepreneurs looking for expansion with a brandname.
  • Existing Recruitment Company or Consultants seeking to fast track their own business
  • HR professional looking to start.
  • Women/Professional looking for home based business

What are Pre - Requisites?

  • Good at networking and deal closures
  • Avaliable Official Contact Number and Email
  • Suitable office space and computer with internet access
  • Team player, good communicator and self-disciplined
  • Able to invest 7 to 9 hours on a daily basis
  • Initial investment of Minimum INR 5,00,000 + GST franchise fee.

How much does it cost to start ?

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a Disha Consultancy Staffing franchised business ranges from INR 10,00,000 - INR 25,00,000, which includes the Initial Franchise Fee.

To get our current detailed Franchise Disclosure Document.

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